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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's the end of an era. the space shuttle atlantis is back home. good afternoon, i'm grace lee.
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>> i'm elizabeth wenger. frank has the day off. this morning's landing marks the end for american manned space flights. for thousands of nasa employees, it's also the last day on the job. manuel gallegus reports from kennedy space center on a day that is emotional on so many levels. >> piercing the predawn skies... >> reporter: two earth-shaking sonic booms, a smooth touchdown in predawn darkness. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> reporter: and retirement for the shuttle fleet and its 30 years of american manned space flight. >> we copy, we'll stop and take this opportunity to congratulate you atlantis as well as the thousands of passionate individuals across this great space faring nation. >> reporter: from the landing strip, atlantis was towed across the kennedy space center, a sort of farewell parade for nasa employees. here at the kennedy space center, there is a strong sense of relief that the final shuttle mission was safe and successful but for some 2,000
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employees it's time to look for work. >> it's where they bring the solid racket motor segments in. >> reporter: at 59 years old, glen davis is looking for a job. >> you don't realize when you're sit there is looking at the computer yourself that there's, you know, thousands of other people looking for that same computer screen trying to get that same job that you might be after. >> reporter: he is hoping to stay in the area and perhaps work on a future nasa program. but with the end of the shuttle. >> thank you, columbia, challenger, discovery, endeavor and our ship atlantis, thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a fitting end. >> reporter: the long-term future of american space exploration is uncertain. manuel gallegus, cbs news, at the kennedy. well, it was a bitter sweet good-bye for workers at nasa ames at moffett field. now, this site has played a major role in nasa shuttle programs. former astronaut says several are searching for new jobs. >> hopefully, people will find
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work and be able to use their experience that they have gained in the shuttle program to further what we do in low earth orbit and then on out into beyond low earth orbit. >> atlantis goes on display at the kennedy space center next year. the russian soyuz will transfor the nasa astronauts to the space station. let's take live look at the big board in new york right now. stocks way up nearly 170 points. apparently news of a major bailout package for greece is really spurring investors today. the country of greece has had a lot of problems recently. but back here at home, disappointing news on the job front. more people filed first-time jobless claims last week, proof that layoffs continue and the job market is still struggling. the labor market says applications increased by 10,000 to 418,000. applications have topped 400,000 for 15 straight weeks now. we are 12 days away from that debt limit deadline.
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now there are reports that president obama and the house speaker are close to a deal. the "new york times" reports the deal will include major spending cuts. it also propose adjustments to programs like medicare. a package calls for congress to pass a constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget. >> senators will now have the opportunity to go on record either in support of balancing our books or against it. >> democrats describe the package as political theater. if congress can't make a deal, senators working on a backup plan to let the president raise the debt ceiling on his own. a new poll shows californians don't want to shell out more money for prisons. california is trying to comply with a court order to reduce prison populations. today's survey also marks a shift in attitudes on sentencing rules. "l.a. times" other polls show more
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than 60% support reducing life sentences for third strike offenders convicted of property crimes. the fbi believes that an elderly oregon woman and her son, who is charged with kidnapping her, may be in the bay area. 85-year-old doris goldberg suffers from alzheimer's and dementia. investigators say she was taken two months ago from her home where she lived with another son. the suspect has connections to daly city. the feds believe he might be hiding in the bay area. marshall goldberg also has ties to southern california. the fbi says he used to work odd jobs in the film industry in north hollywood and he might be looking for work again. goldberg was last known to be driving a 1996 gold oldsmobile four-door sedan california plate 3szy023. new at noon, yosemite national park says that it will not add new warning signs or protection to the area where three hikers fell into a
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waterfall. visitors need to exercise judgment and caution. witnesses say the trio ignored warnings and climbed over guardrails on the top of vernal falls tuesday to wade into the merced river. a community meeting to talk about a police shooting evolved into a shouting match. [ screaming ] >> chaos erupted just moments after san francisco's police chief started speaking last night. police held a meeting to talk about last weekend's shooting in the bayview district but it wasn't about the death of the teen with a criminal past. it was more about their personal frustration. >> 36 bullets. 6 in the head, 7 in the body. >> people are upset. an act of violence happened in their town square. we are doing our best to make sure that mr. harding didn't do any violence to the community. >> police chief greg suhr left the meeting after more than an hour of failed attempts to
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speak. but he said he would be back to talk with the community once again but at a later date. there is a new man in charge of transportation in san francisco. ed reiskin is named executive director of the municipal transportation agency. reiskin has been san francisco's public works director since 2008. meanwhile muni buses may get a face-lift. agency officials want to wrap nearly 60 buses and streetcars with additional advertising. the plan could generate an extra $500,000 a year at a time when muni faces a $22 million deficit. a final decision by the board of supervisors is expected on tuesday. and busy stretch of san jose freeway will be closed for several nights. it is on the city's east side on u.s. 101 between capitol expressway and the 280/680 connector. northbound and southbound lanes will be closed for four nights straight from midnight until 5:30 in the morning. have your boss pay for your commute? why that could soon be a
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reality. plus this. a high-tech way of training air traffic controllers is taking place in the bay area. we'll show you coming up. and even the tooth fairy feeling the bite of tough economy. how much kids now get on average per tooth. and after a toasty day inland yesterday, we are seeing another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine inland. a little cooler in other areas. will this cooling trend continue? i'll tell you when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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air traffic controllers how to direct planes. . anne the faa is rolling out a training tool for sfo and oakland international airport. it teaches new air traffic controllers how to direct planes.
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anne makovec shows us the hands on training without the risk. >> this is the future of the faa. >> reporter: from the days of waving flags and snow cover signals this $750,000 computer system is the new way of training air traffic controllers. this is a model of sfo from the tower with people playing pilots in the periphery they can get the real feel of the job without the risk involved. >> you can say stop and that in training an individual with live airplanes it gets busy especially for newer people. they become monitors rather than interrer active in the training process. >> reporter: right now this training facility only has simulations for sfo and oakland airports in but in the near future they are expanding to 11 other airports in northern california. the simulator can change the time interest day to night and the conditions from clear skies to san francisco fog.
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faa says working digitally in these conditions is accelerating air traffic controller training by up to 30%. >> we are really finding here is the success rate of the people that come into the tower simulators greatly improving. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. soon you may be able to get your boss to pay for some of your work commute. sacramento lawmakers passed a bill calling on companies to subsidize their employees' commute. the catch? it targets alternatives to your solo car commute like buses, light rail, carpooling or biking. lawmakers say that it would benefit workers as well as the environment. for the business, it's tax- deductible. working from home could improve your life. according to a survey, employees who telecommute are happier and healthier because they work from home. they are also more loyal and productive workers. >> and you get to wear your pajamas. is that what she was wearing? >> that's why they are so much
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happier. if we worked from home, the viewers would not be happy. it appears even the tooth fairy isn't immune from the lingering economic downturn. a new survey by visa shows that the tooth fairy has cut back big. in 2010, the famed fairy was leaving $3 per tooth. but this year that's dropped to $2.60. >> i got candy from the tooth fairy. that seems inappropriate. >> yeah. a little bit inappropriate. talk to your mom when we see her next. being tall has its advantages from the board room to the basketball court. but now a new study suggests it comes with a deadly downside. plus, a terrifying leopard attack caught on camera. what spooked the big cat. another sunny warm day inland. but how long will this continue? i'll give you a full report of our forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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attack. forestry experts say they had a photographer captured terrifying moments in india when a leopard went on the attack. look at this! forestry experts say they have been trying to tranquilize a female because she was wandering in a heavily populated area. but before they could get to her, she was spooked and she mauled 6 people. that leopard was eventually killed. what amazes me about these pictures is that the photographer stopped to snap the shot instead of running in
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the other direction. >> absolutely. scary. >> so weather. >> on a happier note than leaping animals. weather looking good, ladies. sunshine again today. we are seeing clouds roll back in. yesterday was clear but looking off in the distance you can see some fog at the golden gate bridge. cloud cover not too much of an issue like last week. beautiful at a in store this afternoon. -- beautiful day in store this afternoon. 60s and 70s bayside and 60s at the coast a mix of sun and clouds. tonight clear inland, partly cloudy at the bay and at the coastline going to see that fog roll right back in by this
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evening. we'll see a low slide through and as that happens that will bring us cooler temperatures back to the forecast. so get out and enjoy the warm weather while it's still in the picture. 84 the high in milpitas as well as sunnyvale. 78 san mateo. 87 cupertino. 90s far inland. 95 brentwood, 90 pleasant hill and walnut creek. 91 danville. 75 today a little further down south. north bay topping out at 28 in vallejo. 60 for stinson beach. 85 sonoma. 72 in the city. cooler there. nice warm weather today and we drop down to the high 80s inland by friday. weekend looking pretty, temperatures in the low 90s. by next workweek, though, we are going to see those readings in the high 80s inland. so hottest weather, get outside enjoy it while we have it. stern grove festival this sunday, cool, low clouds, take a blanket.
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if you are heading to the state fair, similar to right now inland. 92, sunny, and you can there to see the six-month-old kangaroos which sound darling or participate in the giant corn dog eating contest which you ladies are going just for that. >> maybe for the kangaroos. >> maybe not for the contest. >> kristy is always trying to get us to go outside. if you have always wished were you taller you might want to reconsider. >> that's right. there is good news for being short. a new study finds that tall women may face a bigger risk of cancer. researchers in oxford university say that the risk of cancer goes up 16% for every four inch increase in height. they are not sure how height is linked to cancer but they say diet, genetic factors and growth hormones determine height. when this week's jefferson award winner first picked up a
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video camera, it changed her life. as kate kelly reports, the danville teenager is using her films now to make positive changes for others. >> reporter: 18-year-old lauren lindbergh isn't used to being on this side of the camera. though barely out of high school she made over half dozen short films and award winning documentary. >> i think i have always enjoyed being behind the camera more. i don't know what it is but i just feel kind of powerful. >> reporter: lauren found that power when she picked up a camera two years ago in her school media class and didn't have to look far to find powerful material. >> some of the social issues i'm interested in and have filmed are blind students and independence, teen homicide, body image suicide prevention. >> reporter: when her film class was cut from the school budget she joined the bay area video coalition and spent her summer working on a film for the hatlen center for the blind. result was a mini documentary that's gaining attention at film festival around the country. >> for daily living skills i was told all these little secrets to basically manage the kitchen.
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>> i realized that i could take other people's stories and use them to get out a message. so that's when i really realized that film could be used for something important and not just missing around or goofing off. >> reporter: lindbergh's passion for film making has helped her with her own challenges. highlighting the challenges issues facing teens brought her own life into focus. >> i went through a point in my life where i had admission and i kind of withdrew from everyone and everything. and i think one of the main reasons i like sharing people's stories is because i didn't have a voice and i know what it's like. >> reporter: this summer she is working on a suicide springs documentary. the program assistant says lauren is committed to improving the community. >> she is using the media to shape the world around her as opposed to just absorbing it. i think lauren has really taken that to heart and grown and created her own sort of way to use media to create change.
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>> i feel like whenever you make a film about a teen issue, people are watching it and dealing with it, they know they are not alone and there is a way out. >> reporter: she is a top five finalist for seventeen magazine's pretty amazing girl contest and could win a $10,000 scholarship to help her pursue her film career as she enters chapman university this fall. >> i dealt with depression two -- i dealt with depression too, and two years ago i never thought i would be here now. you don't want to give up because there's so much coming ahead of you. >> reporter: so for using film to inspire hope, change and understanding this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to lauren lindbergh. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> she's so emotionally mature for being only 18. >> a great message. >> all right. we are going to be right back. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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con international. the four-day event goes beyond comic you books featuring movies, talks with artists and plenty of people in costume. an estimated 125,000 people will attend that convention including grace in her wonder woman -- [ laughter ] >> costume. so if you want to check her out. all right. that's it for the news at noon. we leave with you a shot of atlantis. >> caption colorado, llc
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